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Scented Candles Galore

Fill your living space with delightful aromas and shimmering candlelight. We have the best selection of scented candles waiting here for you. These essence of elegance aromatic candles come in a variety of glass jars and holders, while others are simply pillar candles that you can add to one of our Moroccan or medallion style lanterns. From warm apple pie to ocean breeze, you can design your room with a signature scent that’s perfect for you. You’ll find a variety of colors and styles, and these aromatic candles make great gifts, too. If you’re looking for the essence of elegance aromatic candles are the way to go. We have a large selection and great prices, so shop now!

Luscious Bath and Body Care

Take a relaxing vacation without leaving home! Our luscious bath and body care basket sets are like having a soothing spa in your own tub or shower. There are a wide variety of scents and styles, and they all come in collectible woven baskets that make them great gifts for friends, family, coworkers, teachers, and yourself. You’ll find notes of warm vanilla, floral bouquets, spicy ginger and sandalwood and fresh fruit scents. Each basket features a number of products including shower gel, bar soap, bath crystals, lotion, and bath tools. We have these luscious bath and body care baskets in stock and ready to ship to you so you can relax in style.

Exotic Candle Lanterns

We have an amazing lineup of Moroccan and medallion style lanterns that will light up your living spaces with worldly style. These global stunners feature metal frames with fancy designs and cutouts that make the light from a single candle incredibly beautiful. Some have colored glass panels to shed colorful light on your patio, living room, and anywhere you need a little global style. Our Moroccan and medallion style lanterns are some of our most popular products, and once you browse our extensive lineup you’ll understand why! These stylish lanterns can be used for candles or for a collection of decorative items, like mossy spheres or river rocks. Be sure to check back often because we’re always adding new Moroccan lanterns to our store for you to discover.